Plastic Chain Link Conveyors

The Plastic Chain Link Conveyor can be built using a wide range of standard components, which allows for an effortless assembly process and can be turned around in very short time.  The modular nature enables one to quickly assembly or integrate other automation components. 

Such conveyors can quickly be integrated with existing machines or conveyors.  The flexible design makes it a perfect choice to deploy in existing layouts where there may be space constraints.

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The Plastic Chain Link Conveyors are modular and flexible, making them a very cost effective solution.  

These conveyors are an ideal choice for products which may require accumulation of the products on the conveying line.  The material of the chain ensures no damage to the product during accumulation.  The unique design of such conveyors also allow for installation in tight spaces. 

Various sizes and types of plastic chain conveyor integrated on aluminium beams including straight beams, inclined beams, turns of various angles complemented with structural supports, side guides and various other acessories allows for horizontal, inclined and vertical distribution of products.

Owing to the modular design of these conveyors, it is possible to deliver custom designed conveying solutions in short delivery times.  These belts have a long life because of the minimal belt wear, simplified cleaning and require low maintenance.

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