Hand-E Gripper

Hand-E is flexible, Plug + Play Gripper. It can be deployed easily across many stations because of its versatility. 

Robotiq grippers take control of the projects to improve productivity and quality. 

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Robotiq’s free gripping software adjusts to the gripper’s position, speed, and force till it grasps any  object perfectly. Don’t need a background in robotics to use Robotiq Grippers. Install your gripper in just a few minutes with Plug + Play gripping kits, and use gripping software to program directly on robot’s touchscreen. 

  • Built for collaborative robots
  • Multiple grip modes for working with any application
  • Simple to program
  • Automatic part detection, position feedback, & part validation
  • Suit industrial needs
  • High force and payload
  • Precise and durable

3 Finger
Gripper Configuration Single
Pay Load - Encompassing Grip (Kg) 5
Pay Load - Friction Grip (Kg) 3.3
Stroke (mm) 50
Accuracy (mm) -
Kinematics Parallel
Gripping Force (N) 60-130
Stroke Time (mm/sec) -
UR Caps Plug In Plug & Play
Weight (Gripper/Bracket) (Kg) 1
Power Supply 24 V DC
Protocol Supported (Default*) Modbus RTU*/TCP, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET, CANopen, DeviceNet
Programmable Parameters Position, Speed & Force Control + Lateral Finger Position for 3 Finger
Feedback Grip detection, gripper position and motor current

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