cobotizur is a modular, plug and play equipment simplifies automation of end of line palletizing to just a few hours - which earlier would have taken a few days

cobotizur can be integrated with the UR10 / UR10e collaborative robot from Universal Robots to provide the user a ‘collaborative robot palletizer’, automating palletizing (or stacking) of carton boxes on to a pallet.

Besides increasing speed of implementation, cobotizur has an extremely small footprint, does not require any major layout changes, eliminates need for skilled engineering resources at the site as well as ensures minimal maintenance overheads.

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Start Palletizing in Sixty Minutes

Democratize Palletizing with cobotizur

cobotizur adopts a 'Platform Approach' to palletizing.
It is a Plug & Play device designed to seamlessly integrates with Universal Robots UR10/UR10e. 

Palletizing with collaborative robot from Universal Robots

The UR10/UR10e collaborative robot from Universal Robots comes with the necessary features required to work in close proximity to the worker. The UR10/UR10e when integrated with the cobotizur, allows the palletizer to be installed into an existing line without the need for additional guarding or fencing, making the installation extremely simple and effective.

Introducing cobotizur

The cobotizur is a flexible palletizing system that combines a palletizing cell with a collaborative robot. The cobotizur provides end-users the features needed to quickly setup a robot for palletizing boxes or cartons on a standard pallet. Not only does it relieve humans from the laborious task of stacking boxes, it enhances the efficiencies of the operators and hence increasing throughput.

Eliminate Unergonomic Operations

By eliminating the repitive manual process of stacking cartons, workers are removed from operations where injuries are likely to occur. Automating this operation reduces manual errors, as well as increases the throughput. Human workers can now be put into other value-added tasks.

  • Quick Installation
  • Minimal Footprint
  • Vertical 7th Axis
  • Modular - Easy to Move
  • Continuous Operation
  • cobotizur Palletizing Software
  • Touch-Panel HMI
  • Easy Programming
  • Safet to Use
  • Minimal Maintenance

General Specifications

  • Footprint (mm): 1,350 x 600
  • HMI – 10.1” Touch Screen
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm
  • Vertical Stroke: 800 mm
  • Power Supply: Single-Phase; 220 V, 50 Hz

Pallet Dimensions

  • Maximum Pallet Size (mm): 1,200 x 1,000
  • Maximum Stacking Height: 1,800 mm

Payload / Case

  • Minimum Case Size (mm): 250x200x150(ht)
  • Maximum Case Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Cycle Time : Upto 7.2 picks per minute (upto 12 cases per minute depending on case weight)

Carton Gripping System

  • vaQgrip – Universal Vacuum Gripper for Case
  • Minimum Case Size (mm) 250 x 220
  • Gripper Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Vacuum Generation by Vacuum Pump


  • Cobotizur Software – Install on Universal Robots Polyscope
  • Human Machine Interface for configuration & teaching
  • Quick input of pallet size and case spec
  • Dynamic center of gravity setting
  • Quick select each palletizer layer stacking configuration: Tapered | Brick (Honeycomb) | Pinwheel 
  • Independent Left / Right Side layer stack configuration
  • Save multiple pallet programs
  • Monitor Production


  • Built to run collaborative with humans with no additional safety required
  • Safety risk assessment to be performed by end-user
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