Our Design Approach

Design for Assembly

Alstrut components, products & solutions are built around the concept of Design for Assembly (DFA). Products are designed keeping in mind ease of assembly, resulting in lesser time to assemble, quick turnaround and reduced assembly costs.

Design for Manufacturing

DFM or Design for Manufacturing is the key principle based on which all components are designed, ensuring ease of manufacturing, thereby reducing design time, optimized utilization of material and reduction of manufacturing costs.

Design for Flexibility

With the product lifecycle of consumer products shortening and new products being launched much faster, there is a need to change layout of existing assembly lines. Alstrut designs & builds solutions keeping in mind the changing needs of the customer, ensuring ability to make changes to existing lines, with minimal additional investments.

Design for Aesthetics

Aesthetic is the perception of the mind and how our brains interpret something as being beautiful. Aesthetic is one of the key design concepts emphasized by Alstrut, thereby ensuring a functionally, visually and ergonomically attractive product, making the work place brighter and enhancing the employee engagement.

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