FIFO Racks

FIFO racks are custom designed inclined gravity flow racks that increases production work flow efficiencies, improve picking efficiency while ensuring ergonomics, achieving Lean Manufacturing flow.

  • Description

FlowTube is ideal for creating flexible modular gravity fed racking and FlowTube FlowRacks have many advantages when compared with other flow rack systems:

Customisable: FlowTube FlowRacks can be designed to perfectly fit inventory and functional requirements. This means that ergonomics, footprint and other variables can be optimised.

Adjustable: Like all FlowTube structures, flow racks can be modified quickly, easily and without special tools. This is ideal if inventory sizes or requirements change.

Modular: FlowTube FlowRacks can be fully integrated with other FlowTube structures including Workstations and Assembly Lines.

Mobile: Flow racks can be fitted with casters so that they can be moved.

Lean: Lean manufacturing principles are supported as the flow racks can be continuously improved and integrated with other Lean systems.

ESD Compatible: FlowTube FlowRacks can be designed and built to be ESD compatible, by selecting ESD coated tubes and accessories.

Colours & Finishes: FlowTube is available in a variety of colours to fit in with a visual management scheme. It is also available in stainless steel for an improved strength to weight ratio.

FlowTube is an excellent way to integrate gravity racking into any process. A flow racking system can dramatically improve picking efficiency, ergonomics and inventory movement, particularly when trying to achieve Lean Manufacturing flow.

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