Pipe Racking Systems

Coated Steel Tubes with supporting range of Joints allows to build cost effective structures for light duty material handling applications. 

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ABS Coated Steel Tubes

Steel tubes of diameter ranging from 28 mm to 32 mm are coated with ABS of different colors.  A range of Joints that can be assembled to the Pipes with simple nuts and bolts enables the user to quickly design and build structures for light weight material handling applications.  Assembly is possible without the need for any special tools or skills, hence making this extremely easy to use.

Structures fabricated out of such Pipes & Joints have found a lot of applications in factories implementing lean manufacturing principles, especially where the product lifecycle is extremely short and there is a need for quick changes in the structures on the product floor.

Installation, modification and extension of the structures is very simple due to the reusable nature of the components, thus giving the flexibility of design and change.

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