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Customized applications where the standard belt conveyor can not be used can be catered to using a customized belt conveyor.

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Belt Conveyors are custom designed belt conveyors to suit applications which have specific requirements.  Belt Conveyors are most universally used and recognized machines in most industrial settings.  

These can be customized totally as per the customers requirements - depending on the conveying speeds, weight of product etc.  Various types of belt material can be selected to ensure that they suit the specific application as per the usage.

All conveyors can be integrated with various sensors / speed control devices / mechanical or pneumatic stoppers as the application may demand.  Various options of belts are available that may be selected specific to the application.  

While most belt conveyors are suitable for linear transfer of material on the same plane, it is also possible to build tapered belt conveyors to move products from one level to another, as well as curved conveyors for moving products to 90 degrees. 

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  • 90 Degree Bend Belt Conveyors

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