Ergonomic Work Tables

Work Tables made out of Alstrut Aluminium Profile System are ergonomically designed, to perfectly suit the specific application, ensuring convenient part presentation, a clutter free workplace, and integral lighting.

  • Description

Built on the concepts of design for assembly, design for aesthetics, design for flexibility, Alstrut Worktables are an ideal choice for all industrial applications, including assembly tables, inspection tables, packing tables, etc.

Each worktable can be designed specific to the application.  These worktables are different from conventional worktables with specific advantages:

Simple Design: Having delivered over 5000 worktables across the world, Alstrut has in its repository a wide range of designs and options to select from.  Customized designs can be provided in extremely short time.

Quick Assembly:  Being built on aluminium profile system, it is possible to quickly assemble the components to the desired design.  No skilled workers such as welders / fabricators / fitters are needed to assemble this worktable.

Optional Workplace Elements:  Elements to enhance operators efficiency, such as, instruction sheets, white boards, magnetic boards, monitor arms, localized lighting, electrical points, tool hangers can be selected to make the workplace best suited for the specific application.

Customisable:  Once taken into production, these worktables can quickly be reconfigured to suit the changing need of the manufacturing/assembly process.

Modular: Ability to rearrange and reconfigure the different tables, hence enabling a modular work cell increases the efficiencies of the cell, at same time, enabling the worktable to be reused.

Maintenance: Built on high quality anodized aluminum profiles, there is no need for periodic painting, or other kinds of maintenance.

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