Standard Belt Conveyor

The standard range of belt conveyors are built using a modular aluminium block body.  The high quality and superior aesthetics makes this conveyor perfect for most applications.   The cost effective, unique modular design enables delivery of conveyors in very short lead time.

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Alstrut offers a range of standard belt conveyors to suite various industrial applications.  Such conveyors are typically used for transporting goods and material, for automating assembly and processing, for shipping and packing and much more.

These standard conveyors are built with a unique modular design that ensures delivery with very short lead times.  The conveyors can have widths ranging from 100 mm to 600 mm (at 100 mm increments), with lengths as per the application requirements.  

These standard conveyors are extremely sleek and are a very cost-effective solution.  The two ends of the conveyors can have the option of round roller edges (30 mm dia) or knife edge (8 mm dia) - which is ideal for transferring small products from one conveyor to the other.  Choice of end-drive or middle-drive are available.

The conveyors can be fitted with standard motors with reduction gear box.  When connected to a VFD, the conveyor can be run at slow speed with a maximum speed of 30 meter/minute.

  • Round Edge Standard Belt Conveyors
  • Knife Edge Standard Belt Conveyors
  • Round / Knife Edge - Combination

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