Pick-it L

Pick-it L, the perfect choice to make automation easier with your robot. This camera has a field of view optimal for medium to large size objects. With high resolution capabilities Pick-it L gives < 12  mm accuracy and less than 4 mm repeatability. A 10m, high-flex, cable gives you all the freedom you need to put the camera everywhere without worrying about workspace limitations.Bigger FOV will gives this camera flexibility to pick the products for pallet size bins.

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The 3D camera can find overlapping products of varying sizes and materials, in glossy and matte colors, including reflective surfaces and it continues working in changing and poor light conditions, even darkness. Pick-it works out of the box with all major robots. Easy integration and fast setup ensures seamless integration with existing setup. 


The Pick-it camera uses structured light to calculate the 3D image. Structured light is the process of projecting a known pattern onto a scene. The way this pattern deforms allows Pick-it to calculate the depth and surface information of the products required to be picked. The advantage over classic 2D camera's is that the 3D camera does not require special lighting and has no problem with reflections.


The unique robot-camera calibration plate helps you through this process. Just mount the calibration plate to the robot and direct the camera at the plate. The camera then automatically sends the calibration information to the robot and stores it in its software, working both with fixed camera and robot mounted camera set-ups.


Classic robots operate blind and are well suited for structured pre-defined environments. Here Pick-it 3D camera vision systems can solve the challenge for the manufacturing and warehousing automation worlds. Pick-it finds overlapping products in a mixed random bin with no need for CAD models. With Pick-it it is now easy to define the product parameters you want to pick. Both shape and size or range can be defined without any vision programming skills.

  • Fast set-up
  • Easy calibration
  • Work along with all major robots
  • Independent of lighting conditions
  • Fastest payback
  • Can detect objects in 3D environment
  • Easily detects overlapping products
  • Fit for every application
  • Wide range of components can be handled at a time
  • Lesser processing time
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Pick-It L
Min Detectable Object Size (mm) 150x150x50
Field of View (mm) 1500x1900
3D Measurement Method Structured Light
External Lights Not Needed
Processing Speed 30 fps
Accuracy < 12 mm
Repeatability < 4 mm
3D Camera Weight (Kg) 1030 grams
UR Caps Plug In Yes
Robot Compatibility UR / ABB / KUKA / Yasakawa / Fanuc / Staubli/ Hyundai Robotics/ Nachi/ Omron

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