Gripkit Servo Electric Gripper

Take advantage of the fully integrated handling solution for Universal Robots. GRIPKIT contains everything you need to realize a pick & place application within minutes. It is fully compatible with all Universal Robots models and integrates seamlessly with an easy to use URCaps plug-in. Thanks to the supplied adapter plate and the enclosed mounting material, the mechanical integration is just as simple.

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GRIPKIT-CR is a flexible tool for collaborative robots that meets the DGUV recommendations for collaborative robotic systems as well as the ISO/TS 15066 requirements. This is thanks to the rounded edges and inherently safe gripping force that simplifies the risk assessment of your robot application.


The innovative gripping force retention developed by Weiss Robotics preserves the gripping force on the workpiece, even if the power supply to the gripper is interrupted unexpectedly. Thanks to the integrated absolute sensors the production can continue even without referencing when the power supply is restored.


With its unique sensorless gripping force control feature, the GRIPKIT-CR is able to handle even brittle, fragile or flexible parts effortlessly while providing a highly reliable gripping process. The gripping width and -force can be easily specified on the teach-counterpart of the robot and thus optimally adapted to the gripping workpiece

  • Perfect fit for every application
  • Versatile gripper for any product
  • Fast and easy integration
  • 20 Million cycles guaranteed
  • Part detection and monitoring
  • Multi-gripper Support
  • Safe Collaborative Gripper
  • Gripping force retention
  • Adaptive nature
  • Easy force and width control

Actuation Servo-Electric
Stroke (mm) 50 20 30
Dual Mode Supports upto 8 grippers connected to one robot
Kinematics Parallel Parallel Parallel
Pay Load (Kg) 2.7 2.7 4.3
Gripping Force (N) 7.5-30 7.5-30 50-200
Stroke Time 300mm/s 200mm/s
Weight (no finger) (Kg) 0.46 0.27 0.73
Power Supply 24VDC
Protocol IO-Link v1.1, COM2 (38,4 kbit/s)
ESD Compliant Yes Optional Optional
Parameterization 8 grips 4 grips 4 grips

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